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Check out our updated "Link Parties" Tab

The Best Blog Recipes: Check out our updated "Link Parties" Tab

Jan 31, 2013

Check out our updated "Link Parties" Tab

All bloggers who host link parties are invited to add their button to our updated Link Party Page! 

This has been quite a process today.  I've been working non-stop trying to figure out the best way to get all of your buttons on my link party page and I've finally figured out a GREAT way to do it.  

I've only been working on this since 7am this morning.... but who's keeping track?  

If you are a blog owner and host a link party we invite you to use the easy link system on our party page to upload your photo and URL so that everyone can easily find your link party.  

I've already converted my Monday list from straight text to buttons and I'll be working on the rest of my list over the next few daysI'd love to hear what you guys think of the new link up system in the comments, hint hint ;) 

I look forward to checking out some new really great and awesome link parties in the very near future!

Thanks in advance for hosting your great parties!  I love to link up :) 




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